Millimeter wave therapy instrument immunotherapy system

Millimeter wave therapy instrument immunotherapy system

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Millimeter  Millimeter

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Product introduction:

This product is a kind of ultra-high frequency treatment equipment, which is a kind of resonance effect with cells and molecules after direct irradiation of ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves; this effect can also choose to irradiate biologically active points, namely acupuncture points, through the biological function system Conduction and amplification, to reach the remote tissue or organ effect site. This effect can improve blood circulation, increase blood flow, promote the return of capillaries and lymphatic vessels, improve tissue microcirculation, promote tissue nutrition and metabolism, increase white blood cells, increase white blood cell phagocytosis, so as to achieve anti-inflammatory, relieve pain, and eliminate blood stasis Swelling, promote wound healing and improve human immunity.

Millimeter wave therapy:

Millimeter wave bionic information therapy, also known as extremely high frequency therapy, or millimeter wave therapy for short, is based on the theory of electromagnetic coherent oscillations. It uses 36GHz-42GHz millimeter waves with an oscillation frequency of 36 billion to 42 billion times per second, passing through the body’s nerves. The fiber and body fluid system extend the effect to organs or biological tissues and bone marrow far away from the irradiated site to achieve the purpose of treatment.

The safety of millimeter wave therapy:

No radiation damage, no high heat damage, no invasive and no drug damage, no cross-infection, no environmental pollution.

Scope of application:

is suitable for the treatment of various pains, inflammations, erosions, ulcers, wound healing, raising white blood cells, and improving immunity. It can be widely used in rehabilitation physiotherapy, orthopedics, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, stomatology, surgery, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, cardio-cerebrovascular and oncology departments.


◆Non-thermal effect: When the millimeter wave irradiates the human body, the temperature rise of the irradiated part is 0.1℃, which can be used immediately for the treatment of common acute soft tissue contusions and hematomas in sports injuries, and grasp the best treatment time. Non-thermal effects also have unique effects in the treatment of burns. These are irreplaceable by conventional treatment equipment.

◆Time accumulation effect: Under normal circumstances, the longer the irradiation course and the irradiation time, the more obvious the treatment effect of millimeter waves. This is the time accumulation effect in biology. It can achieve continuous and stable treatment effects for various chronic diseases, muscle strain, and old injuries.

◆Remote effect: The human body has a very high absorption rate of millimeter waves. Millimeter waves resonate with human cells and molecules, and are transmitted and amplified through the conduction system of human nerves, body fluids, and meridians, which can affect organs or organisms far away from the irradiated parts of the human body. The tissue has an effect, including an effect on the bone marrow. In layman's terms, millimeter waves can cure diseases through the irradiation of biologically active points, namely acupuncture points.

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